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Asbestos Testing

Our asbestos building surveys, project monitoring and management, project design and clearance inspections are comprehensive and performed promptly from the scheduled site visit to the delivery of your report.

Striving to serve you in a courteous and professional manner, we are adamant in conducting our services with the care and concern as if it were our own property. The following points are provided as a guide to aid in the selection of the appropriate service for your specific situation:

Building Surveys

A building survey involves an investigation of records (including previous surveys, plans, specs and any other relevant documents) for the identification of Asbestos-Containing Building Material (ACBM). A survey would also include a visual inspection of the structure for suspect materials, collection of samples and subsequent analysis for the presence of asbestos and assessing the condition and location of ACBM.

Project Monitoring and Management

A management plan is created using inspection data from the survey to determine the relative degree of hazard posed by various Asbestos Containment Material (ACM) in the structure. This includes recommended response actions, scheduling and an operations and maintenance program for any friable ACBM in the structure.

Project Design (Procedure 5 SCAQMD)

A well written project design can ensure the success of asbestos removal without contamination to the building or its occupants! Asbestos abatement projects typically focus on acoustical plaster (popcorn ceilings), applied insulation, thermal system insulation, floor tile, ceiling tile, mastic, roofing materials and roofing mastic. A project design is built upon data included in the building survey.

Clearance Inspections

Once the abatement is complete the next step is a clearance inspection. We use a number of methods to determine that the abatement work was performed at an appropriate level. This may include entering all spaces where removal was performed, examining all surface areas, air sampling and providing recommendations, if necessary.

On-Site Clearance Inspections

In a constant effort to elevate the way in which we serve our clients, VM3 Environmental offers on-site clearances for Asbestos! An on-site clearance saves you time and money by delivering your results in real-time, cutting out multiple stages in the typical inspections process.

In the State of California, pursuant to Business and Professions Code Section 7180-7189.7 (a) No person shall, on or after July 1, 1992, engage in the practice of an asbestos consultant as defined in Section 7181, or as a site surveillance technician as defined in Section 7182, unless he or she is certified by the Division of Occupational Safety and Health pursuant to regulations required by subdivision (b) of Section 9021.5 of the Labor Code.



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